Kyle Field Day

Reflecting selfless service, Kyle Field Day connects the Bryan-College Station area and Texas A&M students to community projects.

Hosted by MSC FISH, Kyle Field Day is a one-day event that will have over 50 service activities to choose from that cater to the needs of the organizations. This event will be held on Saturday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Kyle Field, and tickets are free and open to the public.

Mehgan Orsak is an environmental geosciences sophomore and the assistant director for Kyle Field Day’s marketing committee. According to Orsak, Kyle Field Day is a place to learn Aggie values.

“I think it's very unique that someone can come up to Kyle Field, a place which is a key part of being an Aggie, and share your service and lend a hand,” Orsak said. “Somebody once said, ‘Service is the most you can do for somebody and the least you can do for somebody. Especially in Kyle Field Day, you come and do a small simple act for somebody and change their world.”

This event is not only a place to serve but also contains numerous entertainment venues, with live performances from groups such as Apotheosis and Fade 2 Black, along with a special visit from Reveille. There will also be a fun-zone with bounce houses and games.

Jacob Mamantov is a business administration freshman and is a part of the marketing committee for Kyle Field Day. Mamantov said Kyle Field Day is a great place to spend your weekend due to the variety of activities it offers. According to Mamantov, the Brazos Valley Food Bank’s booth is a highlight for him.

“One of the big ones that we love is Brazos Valley Food Bank,” Mamantov said. “We are basically going to be packing little backpacks with a couple meals worth of food. We have another booth from Pennsylvania, and we are painting some numbers and signs for a retirement home which is going to brighten the lives of those people who are an underappreciated class of people.”

Saundie Franz is an environmental geosciences sophomore and the assistant director for Kyle Field Day’s Share Your Service campaign. According to Franz, having freshmen lead this event will help them learn Aggie values.

“The goal is to inspire freshmen to think about the people who are inspired to serve who haven’t before or inspired those who thought about service as a requirement rather than something they can instill into their lives daily,” Franz said.

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