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After serving as a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Yell Leader for two years, Connor Joseph, Class of 2019, decided he would serve the College Station community in a new way – by co-founding his own business to help college students.

Along with Michael McCord, Class of 2019, Joseph founded CollegeGuys Services and began operation in May 2019 with the mission to, “empower college students to provide quality service to the community as a means to further pay for their education.”

CollegeGuys Services combines the ideas of The Big Event and Uber in how it is a contracting business that allows someone to order labor, like one would order a rideshare, for miscellaneous tasks they may need assistance with.

“We offer moving services, yardwork, custom jobs and miscellaneous tasks,” Joseph said. “Year round, members of the community can request contract labor and know that college students who are working their way through school are going to come out and serve them.”

Joseph said that unlike many jobs a college student would typically have, CollegeGuys Services is perfect for students because it allows them to make their own work schedule.

“College students don’t want to be working 30-40 hour work weeks because they would be missing out on so much of what college has to offer,” Joseph said. “What we do is say that the students working for us can work as much or as little as they want.”

Flexible scheduling is something that Joseph knew he wanted to have for his business model — a model he thinks will be valuable in many college towns.

“We hope to expand to other college towns where there is a strong relationship between the communities and the universities,” Joseph said. “I want to put the ball in the court for these college students in order to empower them to get the most out of their college experience while also graduating with less debt.”

A 2018 Forbes statistic claims student debt for the average college student is around $37,000, a number Joseph thinks should change.

“Finding out that the average college student is graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt in this country, it can easily be seen why student debt has become such a hot topic,” Joseph said. “But, the great thing about this country is that we can start companies to solve problems, and that’s really what I’ve tried to do in building this business model.”

Joseph said they are opening a Denton branch of CollegeGuys Services this week, but he has his sights set much higher.

“We hope to expand to other colleges where there is a strong relationship between the community and university,” Joseph said. “I think what we’ve been able to accomplish thus far in our business is something that is worth taking to any college town across the state and hopefully the country in the coming years.”

To learn more about CollegeGuys Services, how to request a service or apply to work, visit

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