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"Nightie" by Anne Hieronymus is a part of the exhibit in the James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery.

In the wake of environmental problems facing the world, artist Anne Hieronymus uses discarded materials to depict Earth’s decay.

The exhibit “Memory My City: Works by Anne Hieronymus” will be hosted by the MSC Visual Arts Committee (VAC). An opening reception will take place on Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery with remarks from Hieronymus. Admission to the gallery is free, and the exhibition will remain open until Nov. 2.

Hieronymus is an artist based in Los Angeles who makes sculptures out of discarded and recycled items. She began working as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the film and theatre industry, which led her to find her passion for unconventional art.

The artist was able to come up with a concept that would capture the audience’s attention by drawing inspiration from literature. Hieronymus said she began taking photographs to tell a bigger story.

“The title ‘Memory My City’ comes from W. S. Merwin’s poem ‘Crossroads of the World, Etc.’” Hieronymus said. “The show is made up of 20 photographs and five sculptures that were built specifically to be in the photographs. Everything is made from discarded materials: cardboard, styrofoam, paint, wire, and holiday and party decorations.”

Hieronymus said the art she’s created tells a story about the past, present and future of the world. She has an eye for turning recycled material into upscale modern art, and that is what the majority of her work encompasses.

Rather than make her works seem more visually appealing, Hieronymus said she aims to educate people and make them open their eyes to the real problems that humanity faces today — and will continue to do so if people do not take action.

“I am thinking about how we, as a culture, accumulate and discard our possessions, what that does to our planet, and what is left behind to be excavated in the future,” Hieronymus said. “Although the images may look bleak, I hope the viewer can glean some hope that nature’s cycle of living and dying will survive humanity’s destructive tendencies.”

Communication senior Vanessa Escarcega is the PR executive for MSC VAC. Escarcega said the organization welcomes everyone of every age to enjoy the art exhibition.

“Hieronymus’s work gives you something to think about,” Escarcega said. “The overflowing of our lives bleeds into the earth as waste. I am hoping that the audience thinks about the context in which the pieces were created.”

Escarcega said she recommends everyone to come out to give the art a chance and experience it for themselves. She expects the audience to leave feeling visually content but also inspired by what they see.

“What makes Hieronymus special is that she is environmentally conscious and gifted in the visual arts,” Escarcega said. “Her pieces are unique, and her style tells a story, as all art should.”

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