Randy Rogers Band

The Harvest Maroon Fest will feature country artists such as the Randy Rodgers Band, who just released a new album called "Hellbent."

For now, the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater sits empty, its white stone shape dominating the grassy landscape. However, on Friday, this space will be packed with people eagerly awaiting the guitar strum that signals the beginning of the concert.

The Harvest Maroon Festival returns for its third annual country music event on Sept. 6 at 6 p.m., featuring Randy Rogers Band, Flatland Cavalry and Chris Colston at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater.

Event producer Greg Henry has been planning this event for the past year, organizing staffing, advertising the festival, finding artists to perform and setting up the venue in College Station.

“The community is always supportive of a lot of music, so it made it a great spot for us to put Harvest Maroon,” Henry said. “Flatland Cavalry has recently been selling out, so this is a good time for them to jump into a bigger venue and take that leap.”

The headlining act, Randy Rogers Band, has been performing for 17 years — traveling to College Station many times and once even hiring the Aggie Wranglers dance team to appear in a music video.

“The biggest country music fans live in Bryan-College Station,” lead singer and band namesake Randy Rogers said. “We are happy to welcome Flatland with us this year, and Chris Colston and I are excited to continue on the legacy that is Wolf Pen Creek.”

Originally from Lubbock, Flatland Cavalry released their second studio album, “Homeland Insecurity,” in January and have been touring the United States, spreading their music far and wide.

“It’s fascinating to me getting to meet all these people, and you never know how many people you could possibly influence in a positive way; that sounds like a mission that’s worthwhile,” Flatland Cavalry lead singer and songwriter Cleto Cordero said. “Every person, we’re all just trying to figure life out, and I guess that has just kind of showed up in the songwriting.”

The band, which Cordero said is passionate about recording music with messages, has recently created songs about modern issues affecting society.

“We also put out a music video called ‘The Other Side of Lonesome,’ and it’s about anti-bullying and we are trying to spread that message wherever we go,” Cordero said. “It’s like if you could talk to a gunman before they were to do something crazy, what would you tell them and that’s what the song is, and the video plays out that narrative.”

Above all, Cordero said one thing had drawn these performers to College Station for this festival tomorrow — the spirit of Aggieland.

“When all of y’all gather at that Wolf Pen Amphitheater, which is a pretty awesome venue, it kind of makes our job so much easier because you’re there, ready to listen to music and we are excited to play for y’all,” Cordero said. “I think there’s something about College Station and the spirit y’all have there, with all y’alls traditions, y’all carry that with you wherever you go. You don’t find that everywhere.”

Tickets can be purchased for $27.50 online at harvestmaroonfest.com until 10 a.m. Friday. After 10 a.m., tickets will be $32.50. Students can get discounted tickets for $20 by visiting their ticket website and using the code ‘Gigem.’ Cavender’s will also be selling tickets on Friday for cash only.

Limited V.I.P. tickets are available for $250 each, giving the buyer a meal, one drink and a comfortable, uncrowded room from which to watch the concert.

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