Forsyth Galleries

“The Seduction of Scent“ will be on display until Dec.15.

The start of the Fall 2019 semester marked the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Forsyth Galleries, located in Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center.

Walking into the main foyer of the galleries, visitors are greeted with warm lighting and tawny oak hardwood floors, which accentuate the hanging art. The gallery is comprised of four separate rooms with large open walkways, where art is strategically displayed to effortlessly guide visitors in a manner that encourages and allows them to appreciate all that the space has to offer.

Opened in 1989, the Forsyth Galleries were originally established as a museum to honor the wish of Bill Runyon, Class of 1935, that his late wife Irma, Class of 1935, be remembered through a bevy of art, valued at over $33 million, and have it be permanently available to all students.

Business senior and MSC Visual Arts Committee member Alan Biggs said the exhibition and showcasing of art serves a purpose beyond communicating the message behind the pieces and collections on display.

“The purpose of fine art is to relate to all individuals, regardless of where they lie on the socioeconomic spectrum, and also to educate people on the depth of human experiences,” Biggs said.

Sharing what she loves about having a space dedicated to displaying art in the heart of campus, Forsyth Galleries Curator of Education and Public Programs Jennifer Korolenko said, “We are so very lucky to have this space in the MSC.”

Today, the galleries remain a space to display a range of art in multiple disciplines and styles. In January of this year, the galleries showcased an exhibit on women’s works and eloquent pieces of American and European majolica, intricately decorated glazed earthenware and glass.

Throughout the fall and upcoming spring semester, the galleries will host a wide range of exhibits and events in honor of the galleries’ anniversary for visitors of all ages and tastes. On Friday, the Forsyth Galleries will be hosting an exhibit and a performance of the American Songbook featuring Houstonbased musician Tiana Hall and The Houston Jazz Band from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

This semester, students will have the privilege of experiencing the Forsyth Galleries in a fresh and exciting way, and the Forsyth Galleries couldn’t be happier, Korolenko said.

“I would hope that students will attend the featured events, have a great time and come back to visit us throughout their A&M journey,” Korolenko said. “At the end of the day, we’re here to support and inspire our students through our collections and use of our spaces. I’d like for students to know that they’re always welcome at Forsyth.”

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