Silent Disco

The Forsyth Galleries is hosting a free Silent Disco Friday at 7 p.m.

For many students, going to parties is not a fun prospect, getting dragged along by their friends to listen to music they don’t like at high volumes. However, there is another way to go clubbing where everyone has control over their own music selection and volume — the silent disco. And there is one happening right here on campus this week.

As a part of their 30th anniversary celebration, the Forsyth Galleries are hosting a free Silent Disco on Friday at 7 p.m in MSC 2428.

This community-oriented silent disco was organized by Forsyth Galleries Curator of Education and Public Programs, Jenn Korolenko.

“We’ve been wanting to have an event like this for some time now,” Korolenko said. “We were given the opportunity to move forward this year when putting together our 30th Anniversary programming and decided to go for it.”

This is the first silent disco that has been hosted by the gallery, and the total number of participants will be limited to 50, due to the amount of space in the room and limited supply of headphones provided by the DJ. 

“Each participant will check in and receive a pair of headphones to use during the event,” Korolenko said. “These headphones will be wirelessly connected to a DJ who’ll be spinning, hence the dancing.”

The headphones are what make this event stand out. Instead of loud music blasting over speakers, participants wear headphones and choose their own volumes, and in some cases, their own music, without disturbing those around them. 

“Originally, silent discos were designed to accommodate individuals with sensory issues,” Korolenko said. “These events are also great in places that have noise curfews and can be ‘mobile clubbing’ experiences in public spaces." 

Along with the provided headphones, free snacks and nonalcoholic “mocktails” will also be available for attendees, allowing them to enjoy good food, drinks and their favorite music all at once, surrounded by the art in the gallery.

“The goal of the silent disco is for students and community to have fun and dance for a couple of hours,” Korolenko said. “Dance, music and art have always been closely connected, and they complement one another. What makes these discos unique is that everyone is dancing together, but not necessarily listening to the same music.”

The event is currently full, but students can email Korolenko at to be added to the waitlist.

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