Students Plans For Halloween

Students look for alternative ways to celebrate Halloween this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 has been an unprecedented year, and this Halloween is looking to follow similarly. A blue moon, a home game at Kyle Field and a pandemic will make for an unforgettable Saturday night.

With no shortage of events in Bryan-College Station this weekend, students have been making plans to celebrate Halloween safely amid COVID-19.

Biology sophomore Cade Baumann said he and his roommates plan on going to a friend’s house on Halloween to celebrate with a small group of people.

“We have all recently tested negative for COVID[-19] and typically only hang out with each other, so we feel it is safe to get together for Halloween,” Baumann said. “I think that limiting yourself to hanging out with a certain group of people, getting tested often and being clear with your group if you are having any symptoms or have come into contact with someone is the best and safest way to celebrate.”

Post-football Halloween parties with larger groups of people are still looking to be plentiful, despite their defiance to issued social gathering guidelines as students look for a memorable college experience, communications sophomore Emma Ferguson said.

“This weekend, I plan on celebrating Halloween by going to a party with my friends,” Ferguson said. “Yes, I do take COVID[-19] very seriously… I’m still planning to have fun but I, and everyone else, should still be safe and still take necessary precautions.”

Additionally, some student groups are getting into the Halloween spirit by hosting virtual get-togethers over Zoom and other online communication platforms, leaving no room to violate social gathering guidelines.

Aggie Mental Health Ambassadors, or AMHA, a student organization that advocates for mental wellness, is one of these groups hosting a virtual Halloween.

Psychology junior and AMHA’s development committee chair Leonardo Garza said AMHA plans to celebrate this Halloween weekend by hosting a virtual “watch party” on a streaming service for its ambassadors.

“With everyone at home and in different locations, our organization and executive team are trying their best to incorporate activities for our members, especially during such a stressful time.” Garza said. “Although we can’t meet in person, this watch party allows us to have fun while also practicing safety measures. This is something a lot of members are looking forward to, especially me.”

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