Chilifest Lineup

The 2020 Chilifest lineup has been released.

In between bouts of Friday night dancing, the organizers behind the 2020 Chilifest Music Festival took over Shiner Park on Jan. 17 to announce this spring’s country-fried lineup.

With 19 performances, the addition of a second stage and promises of an even “bigger and better” chili cook-off, concert attendees can expect a reinvention to their spring bash in Snook, Texas.

Changes to Chilifest standards were instituted last December, when the music festival’s president Cole Roberts declared the common practice of attendees bringing their own alcohol to concert grounds would be prohibited henceforth, according to an article published in The Eagle. As of this year’s Chilifest, concert-goers may only purchase alcoholic beverages through on-site vendors.

During the two-day festival, country fans and chili aficionados can still expect a variety of musical talent. In order of performance on April 3, the main stage will feature artists such as:

Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers

Jacob Bryant

Kolby Cooper

Shane Smith and the Saints

Aaron Watson

Whiskey Myers

The second stage will also host:

Tanner Sparks

Jacob Stelly

Bubba Westly

Joey Greer

Dylan Wheeler

On April 4, the main stage will host:

Josh Ward

Read Southall Band

Tracy Lawrence

Casey Donahew

Billy Currington

The second stage will also feature:

Seth Ward

Holly Beth

Ben Kadlecek

One-day general admission tickets for either Friday or Saturday are $55, while purchasing a bundle package for both days is $80. To find out more about Chilifest 2020 or ticketing information, visit

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