COVID Testing in BCS

Although Texas A&M offers free COVID-19 testing, there are many other locations in Bryan-College Station where students can get tested.

COVID-19 tests are available at SignatureCare Emergency Center, the COVID-19 testing kiosks set up on A&M’s campus, the Bryan VA Clinic, various urgent care clinics and CVS Pharmacy for varying costs, ranging from free to over 100 dollars.

One of these locations offers COVID-19 nasal tests with same-day results. University studies sophomore Emily Burns said she received one of these tests at the SignatureCare Emergency Center in mid-September.

“I got [the results] within 30 minutes,” Burns said. “SignatureCare is an ER, so if you were exposed, you could get the test for free. But, it’s not a testing center, so [if]… it was not urgent, you would have to pay 100 [or] 175 dollars for it.”

While some students may not need quick results, trying to find time in their schedule to get tested might be an obstacle. With the introduction of on-campus COVID-19 testing kiosks on Oct. 12, students can get tested without making an appointment, said Dr. Martha Dannenbaum, the director of Student Health Services.

“Individuals can schedule an appointment time window as they do for the other Curative testing sites, or they can do a walk up,” Dannenbaum said. “Once they are signed in at the check-in station they will go to the kiosk and the attendant in the kiosk will provide the testing materials and instructions to complete the test." 

The testing kiosks are free for anyone to use, not just A&M students. Dannenbaum said 1,400 tests have been completed at these kiosks alone as of Oct. 19.

“They were thoughtfully placed in areas where we know students frequently pass,” Dannenbaum said. “With the testing being located in an open area, many feel less intimidated by the process. The option to just walk up without having to sign up in advance is also appealing to many.”

Another location in Bryan-College Station can test a particular group of students. Bryan VA Clinic serves veterans, and nurse manager Geri Seiter-Martinez said the clinic offers two different COVID-19 tests for students who served in the armed forces.

“We will do COVID testing for pre-procedures,” Seiter-Martinez said. “[If] they’re having [a procedure] within the VA, we’ll do a pre-procedural testing. And then the other testing we do is if you come to the clinic and you are exhibiting what we would consider signs and symptoms of COVID, then we would test you as well.”

However, if a veteran is just wanting to get tested, Seiter-Martinez said the clinic recommends they go to one of their three partner urgent care clinics: Integrity Urgent Care in Bryan, CapRock Urgent Care at Century Square and CapRock Urgent Care at Jones Crossing.

For more information about the featured locations, visit the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs website and the SignatureCare Emergency Center website.

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