As faculty, staff, students and visitors prepare to return to campus for the fall semester, many have questions about on-campus precautions. Here is what we know:

What do I need to do before I return to campus?

All students must complete the COVID-19 training within their Howdy Portal before their return to campus no later than Aug. 11. It is also recommended that all students have at least 3-4 face coverings.

Where are face coverings required on A&M’s campus?

Face coverings are required in all public campus buildings and any outdoor space where social distancing is difficult to maintain, unless marked otherwise, as stated by A&M’s Office of the Provost.

What’s the purpose of wearing a face covering?

According to A&M’s new standard administrative procedure on face coverings, anyone wearing a facemask on TAMU’s campus and surrounding areas are both slowing the spread of the virus and helping others be mindful in order to return to some normal operations of campus life. Click here to see the face mask requirements released in a statement by President Young.

How do I report someone not wearing a face mask and/or not following COVID-19 guidelines on campus?

To report an individual who is not wearing a mask, you should speak with whoever is in charge of the space where the infraction occurred. Otherwise, the Office of the Provost suggests you politely direct the person to wear a face mask or follow proper guidelines. If you do not feel comfortable approaching the individual, you can ask someone else around you to talk to them for you.

Do I need to wear a face mask while in my residence hall?

Unless you’re in a common area, the Office of the Provost said face coverings are not required in the dorms unless visiting a public restroom or another space that is being occupied. It is also recommended that if you have guests in your dorm room, that everyone maintain 6 feet of social distance and wear masks. Any activity that requires the touching of the face (applying cosmetics, hygienic tasks) should be performed in a resident’s dorm room, according to the Provost’s website.

What precautions are required while riding an Aggie Spirit bus?

In order to keep the spread of coronavirus contained and reduce the amount of contaminated surfaces, A&M is requiring that face masks be worn on all buses, even if no other passengers occupy the vehicle. Additionally, according to, a capacity of 50-60 passengers will be enforced.

How do I make sure I’m following necessary precautions and washing my hands properly?

According to the CDC, you should lather and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. If you’re unsure, look to the University libraries’ research guides for information on how to properly prevent the pandemic from spreading and where it is spreading the most throughout the world.

How do I report someone I know that may have COVID-19?

If you or someone you know experience symptoms of COVID-19, you can use the COVID-19 report form. The COVID-19 Investigation Operations Center was created to keep in contact with the affected individual in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing, as well as recommend resources for students and faculty to receive the medical help they may need.

What happens if I have an in-person class and a classmate tests positive for COVID-19?

According to A&M’s COVID-19 guidance and resources page, depending on the number of people in attendance and class type (i.e. a laboratory), that room and all personal will be evacuated for 24 hours or more and will be sanitized to fit all guidelines.

Do you have questions about the return to campus that haven’t been answered? Email them to or message us on social media!

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