A group of especially redass Aggies are providing humor to college students in the language they know best: memes.

With almost 30,000 members, Aggie Memes for Redass Teens has garnered huge numbers of participants since its creation in 2017.

Memes have been a popular medium of expression for years now. Some are used purely as comedic relief, while others, especially more recently, have been used as an avenue to comment on otherwise taboo topics.

While Texas A&M has official social media pages on several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this unofficial social media interaction, which is limited only to students, is one of the most popular platforms for true expression and communication. Krista Berend, director of social media for A&M, said she and her fellow staff are big supporters of the page as well. 

“Honestly, we at the university love it,” Berend said. “It’s a creative way for students to express themselves. It’s so clever of students to use that medium to give us their opinion and react to our decisions as an institution.”

Tyler James Durden, Class of 2018, is a moderator of the group and was part of the group that started the page. The page has developed into a very large and diverse community of Aggies, but it had humble beginnings. The idea for the page came from other universities that had already created ones of their own, Durden said.

“The page was started in my apartment by my roommates and I,” Durden said. “We started by adding a few friends, and then they added their friends, and then it got to a couple thousand people and eventually grew to what it is today.”

With the page’s growth, the small group that started it has given way to an all inclusive, large community. Durden said he enjoyed being in the group during his time at A&M, as almost everyone he knew was participating in the page and was able to talk about it.

“Sometimes I pine for the days when it was still just me and my friends,” Durden said. “But I am really thankful to the people who post and contribute to the page, because to this day I still get a laugh out of it, and I really appreciate that.”

While some members of the page prefer to simply like and share the content that they enjoy on the page, others opt for using their creativity to make their own content. University studies leadership junior Dez Dickey said she enjoys using memes to express herself and enjoys the page as a way to do so.

“It’s a very fun and light-hearted community that brings Aggies together,” Dickey said.

“I like to make my own content. I’ll take popular meme formats that I think are funny, and I’ll apply that to things going on at A&M or things people can relate to.”

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