On Halloween, Texas A&M Panhellenic Council’s Trick or Treat on Greek Street will be held from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Students and families for the community are invited.

The Texas A&M Panhellenic Council will host Trick or Treat on Greek Street this Halloween from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Athens Drive in College Station.

The annual event consists of activities organized by each affiliated sorority. Panhellenic is the executive board that governs the 14 National Panhellenic Council sororities at A&M. The group is tasked with overseeing sorority life, managing events and promoting the spirit of the university.

Students and families from throughout the community are welcome to attend on Halloween to get free candy and enjoy the house games each sorority has to offer, said Panhellenic director of chapter development Gabriella Gutierrez.

“In total, we have more than 14 activities at this event, such as face painting, pumpkin bowling, twister, spider game and cake walk,” said Gutierrez, a business management junior. “In addition, we also have a photo booth and a house which will be playing live music.”

Following two straight years of cancellation due to bad weather, the council is hoping for clear skies on Halloween. In anticipation of a large crowd, Panhellenic director of diversity and inclusion Lexi Campbell said safety precautions are a necessity.

“We are expecting more than a thousand people this year,” Campbell said. “We wanted to provide a safe and fun environment to the kids. For this, we’ll also be blocking roads, [because] we know how dangerous cars can be these days.”

To publicize the event, the Council reached out to eight radio stations in the surrounding area, as well as other local media outlets. Campbell said the Council was adamant about creating an enjoyable night for trick-or-treaters of all ages, which is why she also reached out to every elementary school in Bryan.

“I remember trick or treating as a kid,” Campbell said. ”I’ve always wanted to contribute in making this experience for the kids better than mine. I’m really excited to see them in a carefree environment tomorrow with the element of games and photos in it, which adds to the fun.”

Sport management senior and Panhellenic Vice President of Programming Lindsay White said every member of Panhellenic contributed to this event, and they are looking forward to serving students and families.

“We are not pairing up with any organizations or councils this time,” White said. “This means that all of the work will be done by each chapter independently and uniquely. We’ve put in a lot of effort for organizing this and we’re sure it will be extremely fun.”

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