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Building a website for your online store seems simple in theory, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. And as the digital marketing world continuously changes, consumers want different features with each passing year.

While it can seem impossible to keep up with the ever-changing trends, there are a few key features you should implement on your website to keep users engaged and happy. After all, an easy-to-use website ensures that new customers stay on your page longer while inviting veteran consumers to return.

Here are some key website features you should try to help your business succeed in the digital world.

A content blog

A blog with expertly written content helps your business deliver a consistently updated pool of information. Not only does this help your business stay up-to-date and connected with your consumers, but it can also aid in your digital marketing strategy.

Blog content creation is a type of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that seeks to get your website higher on your preferred search engine. It can utilize such features as keywords, backlinking, and advertorial content. When your blog is updated regularly, this looks better in the eyes of Google. When Google crawls your website more often, this helps you achieve better rankings on the ever-competitive search engine.

A blog is an affordable way to generate user buzz and achieve better standing in the world of digital marketing. This also helps you share industry knowledge, establishing you as an informative leader in the field. When you become a reliable source of information, more people will find your website, stick around, and feel comfortable purchasing a variety of items from your online store.

Increase access to communication

Though it seems obvious, putting key information on your website — such as your business’s location and phone number — is a necessity. More businesses than ever forget to include the necessary information that establish your business as a reputable company.

Even if your business is run solely online, your consumers still want a business representative to speak to should things go awry. Other businesses might also try to contact your company for a collaborative event or advertising opportunity. It’s your job as the small business owner to include the information that makes this an easy process. Otherwise, you’re making your clients run in circles trying to find the right information. This could potentially lose you business, but it also makes your business seem unwelcoming.

More businesses are also utilizing chatbots to answer simple questions on a company’s website. This can help keep your employees focused on essential tasks, and they’ll only speak to consumers when there is a true concern. It’s also a type of 24/7 helpline when your company closes for the night or during the holidays. While not every business needs a chatbot, this is becoming a welcome feature in the world of ecommerce.

But establishing viable modes of communication is more than just including a phone number. You also want to ascertain that your social media presence is active. Consumers love it when a business responds to their queries online, either through Facebook, Yelp, or Google’s App Store. The more you’re able to interact with your consumer, the better your company looks.

Use feature flags

Feature flags are quickly becoming the best way to implement features, promotions, and new products on your company’s website. This easy-to-use tool is essential when it comes to updating your website and planning for events in a timely manner. Not only do feature flags update your website with ease, but they can also target certain audience members to perform a variety of experiments.

This tool is implemented into your website’s code with a built-in “switch” to toggle certain features on and off. This makes it a great tool if you’re trying to test the popularity or reception of a new product. Should any part of your new feature go awry, you can simply toggle the feature off for further improvement. This is also great if a new product isn’t well-received.

The primary benefit of feature flags is that you can appeal to specific audiences without alienating your wider base. Whether you want to filter by location, membership status, or any other measurable factor, you can garner essential information for your company. Measure variables such as click-through rate, time spent on the site, or revenue accumulated to help steer your business in the right direction.

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