first day of work

You got the job! Now what? The first day jitters might start kicking in as the job search jitters fade away. You may be wondering what your new daily routine will look like, what you should wear, who you are going to meet — it can all be overwhelming. Good thing there are a few ways you can lessen the pressure of your first day nerves.

Dress for success

Regardless of the dress code of your company, remember to dress like you are still interviewing. Dressing nice is a way to show your new boss and peers that you are excited for the job and care about how you present yourself. Whatever you consider to be business casual or business professional will suffice in most positions. Often, at agencies with a more laid-back vibe, a blazer, blouse and jeans is considered very nice and professional. In business professional companies, it is a great idea to wear your favorite work dress or suit on the first day. It is about the principle of showing that you want to be there and are ready put your best foot forward. In many cases, looking nice also gives you confidence and the right attitude to tackle any challenge your first day will throw you.

Do small things to be prepared

Some people get the job and think “Okay, I guess that is it.” This may mean you get lazy and don’t put in the effort you were giving when you initially got the job offer. Keep the “eager to please” fire alive on your first day by doing small things to be prepared that will go a long way. One thing that will make the day easier is to research the company front to back. After this, you will be more comfortable with the company as a whole and feel more at ease. This also will eliminate the feeling that you are going to ask a question that could be answered online. Doing research is a small way to ease your nerves and make you feel like you already know the ropes, rather than being fed to a den of lions.

Some other small things you can do to be prepared on your first day include bringing a water bottle and printed pocket folders. There’s nothing worse than needing a glass of water but not wanting to mingle at the new water fountain, or maybe not knowing entirely where it is. Bring at least one water bottle to avoid this awkwardness. Another idea for a successful day is to have printed pocket folders to bring together your professional look. These folders are a way to show your style and organization for any documents or paperwork the day brings.

Don’t forget to be yourself

As cliche as it may sound, remember that they hired you for a reason. Embrace your personality and relax. Remember to smile, stand up straight, and shake hands with confidence. When recruiting, companies take into account what the hiring managers thinks about the personalities of other employees. In addition to your skills, you are also likely a great culture fit and will fit right in by being yourself. This will also help relax not be nervous. Humans are more likely to mess up when they are too focused on not messing up, rather than focusing on doing well.

And remember, it’s your first day -- you aren’t going to be asked to rebuild the company’s website or run a press conference.

With all of this being said, there is no reason to be worried. Be excited about the job and put your best foot forward and you can’t go wrong when tackling your first day of your new job.

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