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Naila Dhanani: Expand role of yell leader to females

Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 20:07

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Jorge Montalvo — THE BATTALION

Texas A&M University first opened its doors to women in 1963, yet since then, not one woman has taken up the role of one of our most prominent positions — yell leader.

It's time to change that.

As Aggies, we hold our traditions very dear to us. Some say having a female yell leader will disrupt or change our tradition. It won't. Yell leaders are our tradition, not male yell leaders.

But for those who claim it will change tradition, think about this. We just ended (for now) a 118-year-old tradition this past November. It's clear as Aggies we are able to accept change.

In recent days, many have touted statistics to make a case for our first female yell leader. One says 46.6 percent of students are female. Therefore, we should elect a female to make the yell leader positions more representative of the student body make-up.

I have a problem with that. Yell leaders aren't supposed to be representative of the student body. If they were, then based on this past year, 100 percent of us would be in the Corps of Cadets. Clearly, we're not.

Instead, yell leaders should be leaders of the Aggie Spirit. That's it. We need to leave representative leadership to SGA and other similar entities.

It's clear women have what it takes to be yell leader.

Women are an instrumental part of our University, Aggie Spirit included.

Women yell at football games, attend Silver Taps, build student bonfire. So why can't a spirited woman lead yells?

She can.

I have confidence women won't run just to have a female on the ballot. Women will run for yell leader because they love our school and want to serve it.

Having our first female yell leader won't change our traditions. It won't strike a blow for Aggie women everywhere. It won't make a statement. But it will ensure we have an enthusiastic and spirited yell leader, and that's what matters.

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