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Editorial: Ticket pulling decision forwent student input

Published: Friday, September 7, 2012

Updated: Friday, September 7, 2012 15:09

An email sent Saturday evening through the Division of Marketing and Communication stated the system for pulling tickets would return to its originally intended format.

Tickets are being distributed randomly per sections — four sections at a time, starting with the best section.

It is of note that students were not involved in the discussions that led to the changes in the ticket pulling process.

12th Man Foundation oversees the process of ticket distribution and operates as a separate entity from the University. 12th Man Foundation is not required to abide student opinion, but timely communication is expected. The student body did not have enough time to respond to the change or the email because 12th Man Foundation didn’t begin relaying the message through the Division of Marketing and Communication until Wednesday, Aug. 29, three days before students were expected to begin camping. Nor were any students, from Student Government Association or otherwise, included in the decision-making process to change the ticket pulling system.

Camping out in front of Kyle Field in the hopes of pulling a ticket for the best possible row is a tradition of and for students that promotes campus community.

It has been said that part of the concern regarding camping for tickets is the University’s responsibility to answer for any discrepancy regarding their stewardship of the academic environment on campus.

Camping for tickets isn’t any more of a threat to students’ studies than all other distractions presented during college. No institution can force a student to study, nor does one have to, because one’s grades or self-motivated pursuit of an education will dictate how much time is spent hitting the books.

The Athletic Department and 12th Man Foundation said the randomization is meant to give every student a chance at a great seat in Kyle Field.

Randomizing ticket sales does not give an individual a chance at a better seat. The very definition of random means an individual has as much chance to be in row 1 as 37.

The negative is that students should be included in conversations surrounding issues or changes that directly affect them, and they were not. To do this, timely communication is a necessity.

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