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Company supports Olympic athletes

Deloitte LLP sponsors U.S. Olympic Committee, Team USA

Published: Monday, July 9, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

Company supports Olympic athletes

Deloitte LLP sponsors U.S. Olympic Committee, Team USA

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As the time comes for athletes to compete on the biggest stage in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, many will be focusing on the medal counts, how many world records will be broken, and ultimately root for the country of one’s choice. Behind the scenes is a company that does everything it can to provide the sponsorship for the United States Olympic Committee.

Being committed to its goals of providing the standard of audit excellence, Deloitte LLP has been a sponsor for the USOC since 2009 and has given the commitment to continue sponsoring Team USA through 2020.

“Deloitte shows what a great sponsor they are because of their values: integrity, commitment, diversity and finally their spirit of setting the standard,” said Laura Stoma, graduate student in accounting and Deloitte employee.

Deloitte offers audit, tax, consulting and financial advising services to athletes as they prepare to make their way to the Olympics. The services Deloitte offers allow the athletes to train and concentrate on becoming the best at their event without having to worry about budgeting their money for training and travel expenses.

“You wouldn’t believe the gratitude that the athletes show for Deloitte for standing by them every step of the way,” Stoma said. “It’s so cool to see how a sponsorship affects the athletes so much as they prepare to compete. I get athletes coming to me and thanking me for being part of a company that truly puts all of their support and effort to provide the best services for them.”

Stoma joined Deloitte and Team USA during the diving Olympic trials in Eugene, Ore. as one of only six interns.  While in Eugene, Stoma was able to see firsthand how Deloitte is there for the athletes. She mentioned she met a 16 year old was competing for a spot on the Olympic squad. He knew that it was going to be a long shot, but as he said to Stoma, being able to have a sponsor that was behind him every step of the way with the services, and more importantly the support and care, motivated him to train hard. He didn’t qualify for the London games, but he told Stoma he has his sights set on 2016.

“It was just so exciting to see this athlete really give it his all and see that his sights are set so straight for making the team,” Stoma said. “He showed a lot of gratitude, gained valuable experience and said he would be back in four years.”

Current athletes are involved in a daily routine that involves precision in training, nutrition, rest and treatment. Life becomes a blur when it comes to situations such as finances outside of the competitive scope. Current athletes are glad that Deloitte, sometimes complete strangers to the athletes, will support them every step of the way.

“A sponsor like Deloitte comes in [and] allows us to be able to train harder and train faster and be able to support ourselves financially to continue to break records,” USA swimmer Cullen Jones said.

“Sponsorship is huge. It can make all the difference from being dead last to finishing at the top podium,” USA Trainer Al Joyner said.

Deloitte has agreed to continue sponsoring Team USA through 2020 allowing athletes to have some peace of mind regarding everyday financial issues. Deloitte made one more commitment as Stoma had the intern tag removed and is now signed as a full time employee.

“This just shows how much they care for me reaffirming their word of always being behind you all the way,” Stoma said.


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