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Student spreads positivity with T-shirt venture

Published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07



Junior horticulture major Matthew Weintrub, left, sells his shirts online and at Northgate Vintage. Even without professional art experience, Weintrub hopes to further expand his line of clothing.

Junior horticulture major Matthew Weintrub lost almost everything when his apartment complex caught fire last year. Now, as an entrepreneur and artist, Weintrub has started his own clothing line, 4 One Love, marketing positivity and a hopeful vision.

In April 2011, Weintrub arrived home to find his apartment in flames and most of his possessions lost. However, he decided to rebuild and make something out of nothing. Weintrub started a franchise with the purpose of emanating optimism through clothing.

“After the fire and losing all my stuff, I really wanted positive clothing,” Weintrub said. “I looked for stuff like that online and didn’t find anything so I just decided to go ahead and make my own.”

Weintrub’s clothing features uplifting slogans and images, all meant to have encouraging effects on the people who wear and see the clothes.

“I really just want to help people’s mentalities,” Weintrub said. “I want to remind them that nothing’s as bad as it seems and give them that positive outlook that’s helped me out.”

Weintrub started and runs 4 One Love all on his own, having spent this past summer and fall coming up with designs, finding sellers and figuring out the business aspects of the venture.

“Making 4 One Love into a reality has been awesome,” Weintrub said. “Coming up with the idea and actually seeing everything come to life has just been really amazing.”

Weintrub currently sells his clothes on his website,, and at Northgate Vintage. Northgate Vintage owner J.R. Ewing said he’s excited about helping Weintrub with his vision.

“I think it’s great that he’s trying to spread optimism through his work,” Ewing said. “It’s a noble cause and a noble idea to make positivity a mainstream thing.”

Weintrub’s designs for 4 One Love are often influenced by things he sees and reads on ordinary days. He said he has no professional art experience, but works hard developing designs and coming up with new ideas to incorporate into his work.

“I really like his shirts,” said senior horticulture major Bailey Keith. “They’re all very unique and artistic. I actually just bought the Radiate Love shirt.”

Weintrub said he would like to see his line grow one day, but for now is fine with it remaining an ongoing dream.

“It’s definitely my dream. I want it to expand but then again I don’t want to project it too much,” Weintrub said. “I really just want to get the word out and change things up for the better.”

Weintrub also said he’s not in the business for the profit, but for the effect he hopes his work will have on people.

“It’s not about the money right now,” Weintrub said.”I just want more positivity and for people to wear my clothes. I want to change the model for how we do things.”

4 One Love currently includes sweatshirts and T-shirts, with some art on the side.

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