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  • ratatouille

    Thankful for Ratatouille

    What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for being in good health and I attribute part of that to my parents making me eat vegetables since I was little.

  • Tricks and Treats

    Goodies to devour on Halloween

    I love finding new ways to use neat ingredients. So, when I came across the Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cake recipe on Joy the Baker’s blog, I knew I had to try it.  My sous-chef’s middle sister is vegan, so this was perfect for her. Plus, the avocado frosting looks like green slime, just in time for Halloween. “It’s a trick and treat!” my sous-chef joked.

  • sheila

    Stovetop Steaks

    A perfect steak recipe for when grilling is out of the question

    Summer grilling is gone and we’ve got three weekends of away games. If you’re like me, you’re not ready to say goodbye to some good grilled meats. But if you’re also like me, you don’t have a grill.

  • Sheila

    Bread pudding

    An aternative to the norm

    Pudding. Even the word sounds weird. So, how could bread pudding be any good?

  • Sheila de Guzman


    A story in a bowl

    Cajun food is a test of patience and taste buds. You don’t need a family-secret recipe or awesome culinary skills if you know what to wait to for.

  • Photos by Sheila de Guzman

    Mug down

    Homestyle food in a dorm room microwave

    Inspired by the limitations of dorms and the cold weather, I’ve decided to share a meal-in-a-mug, a cake-in-a-cup and a soothing concoction for anybody else suffering from a sore throat. These aren’t mind-blowing recipes, but every now and then we need to be reminded of simple and cheap meals that we can cozy up to.

  • Sheila de Guzman

    Italian cuisine

    How to make All'amatriciana

    I love the smell of sautéed onions and garlic. It’s a sign that something good is coming.

  • Sushi Deconstructed

    Have you ever been confused about sushi? Katie Fung takes a look at the history of sushi and what it actually is.

  • Wine and Bistro

    The best wine & bistro in College Station

    “Veritas” is Latin for truth, and at Veritas Wine & Bistro, Executive Chef Tai Lee prepares dishes true to their original flavors.

  • The wonderful world of food

    Life is short; don’t fill your stomach with foods that are barely acceptable. If you’re going to dine, dine fine.

Food for Thought


  • The perks and problems of being a vegan

    As of Monday, my month-long vegan challenge ended. For the past four weeks I went without eating any animal products, except for Thanksgiving when I had a moment of weakness. I was able to go without eating my staple food items, like eggs and the occasional fillet of salmon, and noticed differences in the way my body felt.

  • food

    Confession: I ate turkey

    As I began my vegan lifestyle I knew that handling the eating situation on Thanksgiving was going to be quite challenging. I’m very fond of eating, especially Thanksgiving food, but I was determined to try to stay to my veganism during this holiday.

  • Green shake, before

    Black bean brownies and 'green' smoothies

    When life gives you black beans, make brownies.

  • Vegan pasta

    Pasta party

    Two simple pasta dishes in two nights

    With one and a half weeks completed of my month long vegan challenge, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing this correctly. I’m feeling very tired and sluggish this week and am pretty sure it’s from what I’m eating… actually, not eating.

  • vegan

    Ode to Mexican food

    This week's vegan dinner

    She lives! I’ve made it through the beginning of my vegan challenge. Despite only having done this for four days now, I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it. And to be quite honest, I’m really enjoying it.

  • A new leaf

    Julie Blanco: The start of an animal-free diet

    I love food. I love to eat food. I love to look at food. I love to read about food. And, hopefully, I’m going to love writing about food — vegan food to be exact.




  • style

    Welcoming springtime with shorts

    Now is the time to trade in the winter wardrobe

    Every summer, native Texans suffer through scorching temperatures. Imagine having to wear an all-black or dark blue business suit every day while walking a distance equivalent to the length of Military Walk. That’s torture, especially true in the afternoon sun. Legislators and professionals have to do this, and luckily for college students, we have the liberty of wearing shorts.

  • spectator shorter

    Spring forward your style

    As the season changes, so does fashion

    Springtime is around the corner with the first official day of the season landing on March 20, according to The Huffington Post. As the season arrives, so do the bright smiles, fluffy clouds, lovely sunrays and colorful clothing. If only such characteristics were present during Texas A&M’s spring break.




  • Sluts and Studs

    The classic tale of the double standard

    Boys and girls, this is called the double standard of sexual behavior. The double standard of sexual behavior is a code that permits greater sexual freedom for men than for women.

  • A modern lady

    A modern lady can be classy and stylish at the same time, and this year's Grammy showed that.




  • Skewed lobbying agenda

    Fine print expresses University intentions

    Never fear, Aggies. Tuition rates may be out of control and half of 2010 graduates across the U.S. may still not have a job, but we are sending a lobbying group to Washington D.C. to fix it all. It's called Big 12 on the Hill and its stated purpose is to lobby for legislation that will help A&M and other Big 12 schools. 1 comment

  • A&M and homosexuality

    For the benefit of 'Mr. Glass'

    For junior Sociology major "Mr. Glass" SB 63-106 and its ramifications for the GLBT Resource Center were of particular importance.

    "They don't necessarily need a support system because they already have one," he commented in an interview, referring to A&M's predominately straight and anti-gay attendees.

    Indeed, in the midst of SB 63-106's rambling ambiguities, there was a surprising (but evident) dearth of understanding regarding the GLBT Resource Center's importance on campus. For this, Mr. Glass provides an intriguing story.







Dedicated to discussing and promoting both local and regional musicians, venues, and festivals, this culture blog is updated every Monday.  Readers can look forward to music reviews, concert updates, and commentary on the best in the music world.

  • The music of YouTube

    YouTube has given aspiring musicians, for better or worse, the chance to share their music with the world.

  • Google launches new music service

    Google Music might give iTunes and Amazon a run for their money

    Free music? Steve Wells, music blogger for The Battalion, expresses that with Google Music, users are able to upload and stream their entire music catalog with any device.




This blog will be updated every Thursday to bring readers a new piece on a hot-button issue spanning from things to buy, things not to buy and, things not to buy yet to computer culture, game reviews and previews.


  • Texas A&Memes: Internet Culture on Campus

    Memes have existed for as long as the Internet. Indeed, the two seem mutually inclusive. Even the idea and nomenclature of memes developed out of necessity to describe the phenomena occurring online.

  • Jambox colors

    Jamming and Gaming

    In the return and relaunch of the tech blog join O'Dell Harmon Jr. with his review of the Jambox and the Sony Ericsson xperia PLAY 4G


Worldwide Aggie


Devoted to discussing the experiences of a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain, this blog is published every Friday and will be updated to share experiences of the culture, diversity, fashion and music abroad as it compares to Aggieland.


  • Carrer de la Marina street's view of the beach

    Walk in my shoes

    Photos give insight to a typical day as an exchange student in Barcelona

    Do you daydream about what you would see abroad as an exchange student? Bianca Stewart, study abroad student and blogger for The Battalion, shares photo documentation of life in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Barcelona differences

    Small differences have a great impact

    Aggie abroad notices differences in Barcelona

    The tiniest norms seem to stand out when comparing Barcelona to life at home. Bianca Stewart, blogger for The Battalion, points out some differences.




Highlighting the benefits of a dynamic and healthy lifestyle, this wellness blog serves to educate Texas A&M students about smart food choices and strategic exercise.



  • Eating out Guilt Free

    Healthy tips while dining out at restaurants.

    According to Science Daily, Americans eat out approximately 5 times a week. Given the “on-the-go” lifestyle of a college student combined with poor culinary skills, it makes sense that we eat out more than the average American.

  • Summer Work Outs

    Students should not neglect working out during the summer.

    For many of us this summer, we don’t have access to a gym. Whether you are studying abroad, working at summer camp, living at home, or just hate the gym – I’m about to take away your excuse that you can’t work out.

  • BlogSummerHealth1

    Tips to a healthy summer

    It’s that time of year again. We’ve survived the seemingly never ending torment of finals, followed by the hibernation period caused by lack of sleep and a massive caffeine crash, and now summer break truly begins. 

  • Diary of a student-athlete

    Food ultimately dictates direction in wellness evolution

    "Food dictates our direction." Gradually, these directions allowed Joey Roberts, wellness blogger for The Battalion, to question for himself in an honest recollection of his wellness evolution. Check out how something so simple can be life changing.

    1 comment

  • BTHO sickness

    Five health habits used to prevent sickness

    In times of cold weather, the onset of sickness is evident. Joey Roberts, wellness blogger for The Battalion, wants you to lay siege to your mindsets of sickness invulnerability and prepare yourself for the days ahead.