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Wine and Bistro

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 23:07


What:  Veritas Wine & Bistro

Where: 830 University Drive East, Suite 400, College Station, TX 77840


Hours:11:00-2:00, 5:30-10:00

Cost:$25 a person

"Veritas" is Latin for truth, and at Veritas Wine & Bistro, Executive Chef Tai Lee prepares dishes true to their original flavors.

Upon first entering Veritas, you are quickly met with an elegant setting with dramatic contrasts of light and color. A large bar is in the middle and the stunning wine room behind it. There is a window on the right that allows patrons to glimpse into the kitchen and enjoy the show.

The classy atmosphere at Veritas makes it perfect for impressing your date or celebrating a momentous occasion. A suit or dress is not necessary, but make sure you do not show up in running shorts and a white v-neck shirt.

At Veritas, the menu is filled with French-American dishes with an Asian twist. Composed of dishes separated into Land and Ocean categories, the menu uses the freshest ingredients available. Keeping the daily experience interesting for those who frequent the establishment, a nightly feature menu is also available. Depending on the freshest ingredients, new dishes are added or removed in order to ensure quality.

The freshness of their ingredients gives Veritas an edge when it comes to seafood. The oyster on half shell starter is fine dining at its best. Consisting of a half dozen Blue Point oysters topped with cucumber and onion relish and tobiko (flying fish roe), the dish reveals Chef Lee's creativity and ability to pair foods. The sweet and sour relish balanced the seafood's natural taste while the tobiko gave a texture with its slight crunch in contrast to the very smooth and fresh oysters.

Any fears that patrons may have about raw seafood should be squelched by the appealing oyster starter, but if cooked seafood is a must, the diver scallops are wonderful. A fresh Mano de Leon Diver Scallop from Baja California was served with a sautéed spring mix and drizzled with maple syrup infused with citrus miso sauce. The sauce and spring mix helped heighten the natural favors of the perfectly cooked scallop.

For those who prefer to stay on land, the Blackmore Ranch Wagyu Steak is an exemplary use of the highly prized beef, which is sought after for its predisposition to intense marbling. When paired with a peppercorn au poivre reduction, the flavor of the meat is magnified. The moist and succulent steak easily outshines beef of any other caliber.

Flavors that complement the natural tastes and textures of the food play together at Veritas in perfect harmony. True to the definition of fine dining, Veritas warrants a visit from every food-lover in College Station. Although pricier than the usual food you find in College Station, you are sure to get what you pay for, as Veritas does not disappoint.

Katie Fung is a junior Political Science major and a double minor in journalism and Asian studies. From her travels abroad, she has eaten everything from seahorses to scorpions, although she has not necessarily enjoyed it.

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