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Video games inspire Internet trends

Do a barrel roll and other Internet Easter eggs

Published: Thursday, November 10, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 20:07


I am sure you all saw, or at least heard, about the Google page flip when you search "do a barrel roll." What many people do not know is that this is one of many Easter eggs and memes inspired and started by video games.

Fox do a Barrel Roll!: Let me introduce you to a little Nintendo 64 classic called Star Fox 64.  It involves Nintendo's best pilot Fox McCloud, who leads the Star Fox team and his mentor Peppy Hare, the crew's elder and expert who gives advice and tactics. Thus enter the Barrel Roll. Peppy has no problem telling Fox, and the team's weakest member Slippy, to bust out the Barrel Roll by double tapping Z to get out of danger.

You may think this is the first major trend started by video games to hit the mass media, but you would be wrong.

"All your base are belong to us:" No, there is no grammatical error there. "All your base are belong to us" is another video game meme that was launched into the mainstream. It's a classic case of a bad Japanese to English translation from the 1989 game Zero Wing. I wouldn't call this game a classic, but it sparked Internet nonsense. Someone posted the classic video online in the early 2000s and out of nowhere it turned into shirts, posters, a common tread for hackers and even inspired songs … yes there are actually songs centered on this.

I can't tell you what made bad translations so popular, but next time you are hacked just know, "All your base are belong to us!" 

That boy LeeRoy: Okay, this one is actually kind of funny. I'm sure everyone knows what WOW (World of Warcraft) is … if you don't, your life might actually be a little better.

It's the big daddy of all MMOs (Massive Multiplayers Online for the less savvy ones) and there are tons of YouTube videos involving this game. Yet, only one has made a huge profit of it.

Enter LEEROYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might not understand the tech talk in this video, but it don't matter cause LeeRoy is a man of action. Some think this video might have been planned, but I can assure you the major profit from Hot Topic T-shirts, coffee mugs and everything else wasn't. They might have lost that battle, but they won the war and that boy LeeRoy is still satisfied with his chicken.

They're over 9,000! What 9,000?!?: I just scratched the surface, but there are hundreds of memes and Internet Easter eggs inspired by video games, cartoons and movies out there. Just remember from FINISH HIM to SNAKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! All the memes are SUPER EFFECTIVE! … yeah that last one is from Pokémon. I couldn't find a clip, "I just TOASTY!"

Oh by the way, if you haven't experimented with "do a barrel roll" on Google, do. And check out for more memes and Internet Easter eggs.

O'Dell Harmon is a senior agricultural communication & journalism major, but don't let the agriculture in his major name fool you. He is an avid gamer who knows the ins and outs of all things electronic.

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