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The wonderful world of food

Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07


Welcome to the wonderful world of food

My name is Katie and as a lover of food and drink, I’ll be your tour guide. Please keep your eyes on this blog every Tuesday, as there’ll be wonderful information about food awaiting you.

So what did you eat for lunch today?

Do you even remember? You eat every day. Multiple times (hopefully). Why not eat well? Life is short; don’t fill your stomach with foods that are barely acceptable. If you’re going to dine, dine fine.

Lots of people, stuck in an eating rut, think of fine dining and immediately are afraid.

Don’t be.

It’s ok to be afraid of something new, but don’t let fear define or restrict you. Especially not when it comes to food.

One of the earliest memories that I have of “fine dining” involves simply an orange. My dad would peel an orange and from the leftover skin craft a boat to place the orange pieces in. A toothpick flag would wave from atop and eating fruit was never more fun.

Fine dining doesn’t mean expensive and stuffy. Fine dining is all about finding the right matches between ingredients and pairing it with a great drink, making eating fun. Prices can range from as expensive as Italian White Alba truffle ($160,787) and as cheap as ramen ($0.17); all that matters is that it tastes good.

But I’m a sad college student with no means to eat well!

That’s why I’m writing this blog. I live on campus. With no meal plan. I cook using a microwave and ingenuity. Different techniques and fancy words throwing you off? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Through trial and error, I’ll show you how to put restaurants to shame with your little 700 watt dorm room microwave.  

Wait, you don’t like cooking, you just want to eat?

I’ll cover that too! Eating all across Bryan/College Station, I’ll make recommendations based on price, food, and service. Growing up, my dad made boats out of fruit and cooked nightly on Sunset Boulevard, for one of the top 50 restaurants in Los Angeles, even serving a dude named Wolfgang Puck. I promise you can trust me when it comes to food.


Katie Fung is a junior Political Science major and a double minor in journalism and Asian studies. From her travels abroad, she has eaten everything from seahorses to scorpions, although she has not necessarily enjoyed it.

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