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The Irish Workplace

Published: Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07

One of the first things I noticed in Dublin was how jovial and friendly the people here are. Even during my interview at RE&D, my supervisors made jokes the whole time and laughed a lot, so it was very conversational while still pertaining to work. I actually blew an interview in the States because my interviewers thought I wasn't serious enough, even though by laughing and joking around I thought I was just breaking the ice (and calming my nerves). In this case on the other hand, it would have been rude not to laugh!

Adding evidence, today some of my coworkers decided to show me a guide for U.S. interns in Dublin because they thought the parts about "off-color jokes" and "casual atmosphere" were hilariously true. It turned out to be my program's web site. I felt like such a dork admitting I had already read it.

I've also noticed that work moves at a much slower pace here. Part of that is definitely because I'm working the day shift right now so we're not working right up to deadline like the editors on the night shift are, but I can tell there's definitely a more laidback attitude about getting work done. Every time someone gives me something to do they say to take my time, and one girl said it well, "Don't worry about it, it will still be there." They are definitely still hard workers and efficient ones too, I'm just not used to people being so patient with me. The pace will probably feel less slow when I've had enough training to do more tasks, though.

The slower pace even impacts life outside of work, like mealtimes. There's no such thing as grabbing a quick lunch unless you get fast food or lunch at the convenience store, which I've decided isn't half bad. Slowing down for meals and such seems a much healthier practice than the constant rushing we do in the States, but it is hard to adjust to when you're used to being busy all the time like me.

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