If one were to look on the Twitter sphere right now, one would see TCU fans in a rage. Why? Because of a huge blunder by the TCU athletic department, many Aggie baseball fans have managed to buy tickets for this weekend's Fort Worth Super Regional. 

But what started this? 

After TCU finished off their miraculous comeback to defeat NC State and advance to the Super Regional, the athletics department had one goal: to make Lupton Field a massive home field advantage when the Aggies came rolling into town. The Horned Frog hierarchy formulated an idea to sell their General Admission seats to only TCU fans and students before Aggie fans could get their hands on them. To cap off this brilliant idea, a "secret" password was sent around so that no A&M fan could touch those tickets. A password so difficult to crack, that TCU had all but assured themselves an incredible home field advantage. 

"TCU15" was emailed around to students and fans as a way of making Lupton Field an all purple crowd. 

How did this master plan fail so terribly? Because the TCU athletic department ruined it themselves. 

TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte did not believe an email was a sufficient announcement, and wanted to get the word around to loyal Horned Frog fans. So, he tweeted out the password to the purple and white faithful. The self-destruct button to the plan was pressed when he hit "send" on the tweet. 

Once the Aggies got wind of the plan, they jumped into action in an awesome and quite hysterical fashion.

An Aggie fan got ahold of the password, and on to the TexAgs forums it was shared. Thousands of Aggies jumped onto their computers and bought out all the tickets they could purchase.

The TCU "secret sale" was supposed to begin on Thursday, but by Wednesday afternoon, all tickets intended for TCU students and fans were completely sold out.

It was a stunt so brilliantly and humorously executed, A&M even earned a shoutout on the popular Twitter account "Total Frat Move" according to an article by TexAgs. 

Well done, Aggie fans. Well done.

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"Aggie baseball fans have managed to buy out a majority of tickets for this weekend's Fort Worth Super Regional. " --- I don't think this is exactly correct. I think they actually bought the majority of the GA grass seats ($15) that were offered to TCU season ticket holders...not other sections of the stadium...but will be interesting to see.

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