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  • Flag over al-Hussein

    A Bittersweet 60 Years

    Aggies in Jordan

     Jordan is in a peculiar situation. It is part of an intertwining web of problems that is found nowhere else on earth. Jordan, with its 1.9 million Palestinian refugees, has one of the largest populations of Palestinian refugees in the world. The UNRWA has a mandate to provide assistance to these refugees, but for how long?

  • The Irish Workplace

    Things I've noticed in my first two weeks sub-editting (what we call copy editing in the U.S.) for RE&D in Dublin, Ireland.

  • al-Hussein Camp

    al-Hussein Camp (part 2)

    Aggies in Jordan

    The next morning came quickly and soon we found ourselves outside the UNRWA  (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) office again. However this time the UNRWA office was not our destination, the DPA (Department of Palestinian Affairs) office was.

  • 0615_garden

    Something to remember

    The results of the twelve year inquiry into Bloody Sunday, when protestors were gunned down by British soldiers, will be released June 15.

  • JaffaMosque

    Introducing Jordan

    Aggies in Jordan

     An introduction to a blog about three Aggies producing a feature-film documentary about Palestinian refugees in Jordan. 

  • al-Hussien Camp (Part 1)

     Our first encounter with the UNRWA (United Nations Relief Works Agency) and the el-Hussein Palestinian Refugee Camp. 

  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

    The things I thrive on

    Last weekend, I remembered why I love working for The Batt. I am a nerd, and I love dressing up and going to renaissance festivals; and last Sunday I had the chance to meet former students George Appling and Eric Todd on the grounds of Sherwood Forest Faire, the festival they have founded, which opened Saturday.