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Rain rain, go away and take the rain boots

Texas A&M style suffers from rain and multi-patterned rain boots

Published: Thursday, February 2, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

In terms of campus safety and style, Texas A&M, and even Bryan-College Station, proves an uncertain mess when it rains. Slick sidewalks, umbrellas and multi-patterned rain boots sum up what one views while walking around the University.

This past week, rain has teased the campus three times leaving the sidewalks slick and enticing students who walk to class to trip. Let's not even mention the uneven sidewalks and potholes filled with muddy water. These campus wrinkles provide students with sopping shoes and socks and spread a watery mess on the floors of each building. (Walking around with soaking-wet socks is the most unnerving feeling … ever.)

Rain boots seem to be the solution to the aforementioned irritants.

Slip on those puppies with anything in your closet and you're good to go. "Anything" is the correct word in describing what Aggies throw together when rain boots are worn. Because they are worn to the knees, one is able to walk directly into that big, muddy water puddle without getting his or her socks wet. We're college students, right? We don't have time to walk around with wet shoes and socks. Sign me up for a pair of rain boots. Make sure they're technicolor and add in a few patterns or polka dots.

This is not fashionable, nor stylish, to me and a number of other Aggies.

Carolina Sáenz, a senior marketing major, loves fashion.

"It's a wonderful world of art and beauty," said Sáenz. "Fashion, to me, is where high-end runway clothing designers collaborate. Style is the combination of pieces a person chooses to express for themselves."

Though rain boots may seem like a rainy-day solution, personally, I'm not so sure. Vision the following — and I know you won't have difficulty because it's all over campus.

Nike shorts and rain boots — seriously? Tights and rain boots — for real? Here comes my favorite … Nike shorts, with tights underneath and rain boots. Come on now. What is this — the circus?

I like rain boots. I honestly do. I actually own a pair, and yes I'm a guy wearing rain boots. (Fifteen dollars at Academy – score!) Call me a rain boot advocate, if you want. But as our own personal stylists, we have the obligation to wear them correctly.

Wear them with a pair of dark-wash corduroys. Your pants don't even have to be corduroy, though. Wear them with a pair of dark-wash jeans. Just don't wear them with tights or Nike shorts. Make all of the excuses you wish to make, but the perception to me (and probably to the fashion powerhouse designers in New York City) is tacky.

If you don't like rain boots, try regular boots.

I found Sáenz at the University's west side of campus. She was sporting a coral, peacock-accented blouse with a Forever21 black tank top underneath.

"Being a Latina, you always have to look presentable," Sáenz said. "Even if it's just wearing jeans, it's part of our culture."

Sáenz also was wearing a pair of Levi's skinny jeans and Aldo ankle boots.

To compliment her wardrobe with accessories, Saenz wore a spiral gauge earring from Italy, a souvenir bracelet from Spain and an Aztec calendar ring from Mexico.

"Beautiful clothes will always lift my spirit because I appreciate the time and quality it takes for each piece," said Saenz. "Dressing up allows me to be assertive in what I do."

"Eighty-six" the plastic rain boots and add stylish boots to clothing selections. If you're worried about the leather wearing out, go to a store to buy water-resistant products for your boots. A little water won't hurt (but electronics are a different story).

Jason Syptak is a senior marketing major and The Battalion's style spectator.

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