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Next bullet on the list: Barcelona

Lists promote organization, satisfaction for a Barcelona-bound Aggie

Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

Everything I have been planning up to this point involves some sort of list. A list of what to pack, a list of things to do before departure and a list of things I want to do during my stay … a list written down for practically everything.

If you only had one week in College Station, what would you do? This list was jam-packed with lunches and dinner dates to catch up with friends after summer vacation and before my quick departure from Aggieland. Newcomers to Bryan-College Station, here are some of my favorite places I hit up before leaving town.

·       Breakaway: That first Breakaway of the year never ceases to amaze me. Thank goodness for podcasts.

·       Spoons: Nothing like chatting it up with a friend over frozen yogurt. There are plenty of places open late to do such.

·       Laynes: Chicken fingers at its finest that can't be found anywhere else.

·       La Bodega- I have a thing for "non-chain" restaurants, and this one is on top of my favorites.

·       WCL: Probably one of my most productive places on earth. I spent many hours here this past week getting study abroad things worked out.

·       Raspas El Payasito: Arguably the best sno-cones in Bryan-College Station.

·       Daisy Dukes: You can't leave College Station without a little two-stepping.

With my first list all successfully checked off and done with, I move on to the following that is still lingering over my head—packing. I've searched Google, read plenty about packing for studying abroad trips, and each one says less is best. Here I sit in the middle of piles of clothes trying to figure out which pieces make the cut. Jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, tops, shoes, sandals, heels, and accessories doesn't even include the few school supplies and toiletries that I need for basic survival. And after much debate and the thought of all of the fabulous shopping just waiting to take place in Barcelona, I think I've gathered a list and have a rough draft of what's going in my suitcase. These are also things I think every girl should have in her closet and consider when shopping.

·       Black dress: Dress it up or down, it's a staple clothing piece.

·       Jeans: Casual & dark denim to wear day or night

·       Shorts: 3-5 pair to mix and match

·       Dresses: Accessories bought abroad can totally make each outfit different

·       Tops: Basic tops, including cardigans allows for versatile looks

·       Accessories: Just the favorite pieces, there will be plenty to buy while roaming the city

·       Shoes: Sandals, flats, running shoes, boots…etc. (this is most likely my most difficult decision.)

I have a few more days to figure this out and vacuum some space bags into my suitcase. Beyond this ridiculous concern of mine, after some online research, a few books, and talking to previous visitors and friends who are abroad, I've compiled another (and my last) bucket list. This list is made of bullets I want to accomplish, visit during my adventure in Spain.


·       La Sagrada Familia: No matter what town, city, or country I am in, I make it a point to visit the local Catholic Church. Whether it be the grandiose St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York or a small hut on the coast of Mexico, if it's a church I'm there. Since an 8th grade project, I've known of this basilica. I cannot wait to visit the famous work of art in addition to attending mass.

·       La Rambla:  From what I've read La Rambla seems to be the heart of the Catalan, filled with the culture, music, art and food that molds Barcelona. I plan to make plenty of trips to this famous boulevard, to experience the life of Spain.

·       Flamenco:  Now while I may not be the most blessed dancer on earth, I feel a foreign country would be the best place to try out dancing. I love to dance, and have taken full advantage of Salsa Fusion (by learning the proper steps to salsa, bachata, and meringue), but it's about time to take the next step in Latin dance by trying this whole Flamenco thing out. (I'm sure there will be future stories about this adventure.)

·       Razzmatazz: The first thing most students have expressed is the difference in night life abroad, and one of the most popular places I've heard of is the Razzmatazz. Supposedly, there are five floors of partying and concerts, which I feel is a little far-fetched from the North Gate atmosphere. Expect fashion, music and nightlife coverage from Razzmataz.

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