Johnny Manziel made a quicker appearance than expected this season.

In place for a concussed Josh McCown, the former A&M quarterback recorded his first passing touchdown in the NFL.

McCown saw an opportunity on 3rd and goal at the 14, but when he took off, he was derailed by two Jets defenders prior to reaching the goal line. In turn, the veteran fumbled the ball, and was soon after diagnosed with a concussion.

After McCown’s promising 49-yard drive, Manziel started in a scoreless game with a 54-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin. After recording his first touchdown in the NFL, he struggled later in the second half of the game.

Manziel was responsible for one interception in the third quarter and two lost fumbles in the fourth. He finished the game 13-for-24 for 182 yards with a touchdown while committing three turnovers. Along with other missed opportunities on the Brown’s defense, the Jets cruised past the Browns with a 31-10 victory.

Manziel, who has been doubted by many if he could survive in the NFL, has the opportunity to prove himself while the starting quarterback Josh McCown is concussed. After going through rehab in the offseason, people with the Browns have commented on Manziel’s signs of improvement. However, he has also been fighting a sore elbow that prevented him from playing during the pre-season.

Now that Johnny Manziel’s time has come sooner than expected, he will be able to redeem himself as the Browns face the Titans at home next Sunday.

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