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Learning to love 'How I Met Your Mother'

Published: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07

How I Met Your Mother


The cast of how I Met Your Mother

Is that a copy of Friends?

If there's one TV-watching experience I'll always hold synonymous during my time in College Station, it will be How I Met Your Mother. The Friends-esque sitcom was, for the most part, unknown to me before arriving. I knew it revolved around a gang of friends trying to make their way through life and romance in New York (much like Friends).

I knew it ran on gimmicks (again, like Friends). And I knew the story revolved around the main character, Ted, telling his children how he met and fell in love, with their mother through a series of flashback stories narrated by Bob Saget (you know, the dad from Full House).

But after a few seasons, I can't say that I'd watched maybe more than a handful of episodes, if that. Occasionally, I'd ask someone who actually paid attention if the mother had been revealed yet. I would be told no, then proceed to wonder how a show running on such a simply — most surely drawn out — concept could possible linger on.

Still Kicking Strong

How I Met Your Mother is now more than 150 episodes and seven seasons into its run. Quite the feat considering the current average lifespan of a TV sitcom, and even more so considering its ensemble cast (Jason Segal in particular) could have bolted long ago. I couldn't have been more wrong about the show's longevity, just as I couldn't have predicted that it would someday become the consensus show to watch by most of my friends.

If a week goes by without at least one How I Met Your Mother reference where I live, something is wrong. Truly, awfully wrong. Either every humorous bone in our body is gone, or we've spontaneously died for no apparent reason.

There's every Barney Stinson catch phrase, every nod to Ted's insecurities and every gimmick from Robin, Lilly and Marshall to draw upon. It's just as easy, probably more so, as it was with Friends.

Check it out

Seven seasons in, we're much closer to finding Ted's true love. We know Ted meets her at Barney's future wedding. "The bride is a legen … wait for it … dary mystery of its own." Lily and Marshall are on their way to having a baby. And Robin, well her future — especially after Monday's episode "The Drunk Train" — is anybody's guess.

There's a slew of DVDs and episodes on Netflix waiting to be explored, if you haven't already checked out How I Met Your Mother. I'm not promising life-changing entertainment, but it's a fun, kick back and relax kind of ride. You'll know fairly quickly if it's your cup of comedy tea.

For now, enjoy (or don't) my top-three How I Met Your Mother moments (in no particular order):

  1. Classic Schmosby! Ted is a crybaby.
  2. Barney's Complete Playbook
  3. Let's go to the mall! Robin, teenage pop star.

Jared Baxter is a senior telecommunication media studies major and an enthusiast on sports and pop culture.

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