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Jamming and Gaming

Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07

Jambox colors


The little stereo with a big punch.

Xperia PLAY 4G


The half handheld, half phone by Sony Ericsson

The Return

Welcome to 2012 and welcome to the new glorious technology and innovations that come along with it. With PlayStation Vita's, iPhones and all over techno nonsense, we are in for one crazy ride. I start this week off with a special review of some new devices with the courtesy of AT&T. This should be fun.

Phone? Handheld? Or something in between?

One of the devices I recently got to play with was the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY 4G, which is Sony's answer to the ever growing market of people gaming on their phone. The non-gaming average person out there will not go buy a new game console or handheld, but they will buy a smart phone … genius.

So the biggest selling point is this phone is cheap through AT&T only $30 with a 2-year contract, yeah I know-a contract, but what phone doesn't come with one nowad  ays? Yes, this does look like a wannabe PSP, but it was made by Sony so it makes sense. It works fine as a phone with the usual specs, but I must say the screen is pretty nice, yet the real question is how does it function as a gaming device?

Don't give up your day game

Just to sum everything up real quick, if you want to game, don't get a gaming capable phone, get a game system. However, if you're a not a big-time gamer or have a young one who wants a phone and/or game system, you can kill two birds with one stone. You can't hate on a 30 dollar price tag.

Now good things: the games are better with the slide out gaming pad and it comes with a very generous amount of games already built in. Sitting in class and just walking along, I made people look with the ‘what is that in his hand' expression and it's a good conversation starter, especially for the elementary school generations. I personally would not get one for a $30 two-year commitment but it makes one affordable Christmas or birthday present for someone else as long as you put his or her name on the contract.

Jambox … It's not as hipster as the commercial makes it seems

The Jambox by Jawbone is probably one of the coolest little devices I have seen lately. I personally didn't know it existed and I asked around and it has pretty much flown under the radar, until now. (Cues dramatic music).

So this little Bluetooth speaker is pricy, coming in at $200, but if you have the extra cash it's worth the buy. The sound quality is really good, so good that 200 hundred dollars doesn't seem so bad … almost. And with a 5 plus hour battery life and the fact it can fit in your pocket, you have a product that is moving in the right direction.

The reason why I wouldn't buy it yet is because it only has speakers on one side, so the sound is very directional. You can't use it to host a party. You just can't, it won't happen, even though the bass has a quality equivalent to that of a 2-foot bass speaker-yeah the bass is that amazing.  The number one reason I wouldn't buy it is because I know the Jambox 2, or something better, is on its way so unless you need it now, save yourself a couple of dollars.

The Future

Later this week I will bring you some phones to look at and then guys, it has been a good ride but, my tech blog is becoming a game blog. But don't fear, the tech blog is becoming TECHNOLOGY AND BEYOND and it will be going into crazy depth. Be ready to get your mind itching … until we met again. 

O'Dell Harmon is a senior agricultural communication & journalism major, but don't let the agriculture in his major name fool you. He is an avid gamer who knows the ins and outs of all things electronic.

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