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Buzz on E3

Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 21:07

Each year the biggest developers and publishers of video games worldwide meet in Los Angles to unveil their new projects and merchandise for the coming year. And right behind them come hoards of bloggers, writers and fans.


The big players every year are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo because they develop the major hardware for video gaming. And the question on every website and blog is: who won E3? We’ll start with the developer who spoke first, Microsoft.


Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox. The big question looming this year for Microsoft was whether or not it would release any information on its next rumored system, the Xbox 720. Unfortunately for many major Xbox fans they did not, but they didn’t disappoint either. 


For the first time, Microsoft announced to the world its new project, Smartglass Smartglass is an application that will be available on Xbox Live,  and will allow anyone to use their smartphone or tablet to access any features on their Xbox Live account such as games, the Xbox Marketplace, and popular applications like YouTube and Netflix.


It also continued to keep gamers interested with announcements regarding new games due on the current Xbox 360 out soon such as “Gears of War: Judgment,” “Forza: Horizon,” and “Halo 4.” Frank O’Connor, the franchise development director of Halo, spoke with The Guardian and said, “The studio has been fortunate to work closely with Microsoft and the Xbox 360 platform. The difficultly has been creating the narrative content, not on the engineering side”


Later the same day was Sony’s press conference. Sony is the maker of Playstation. Sony is also due for information on a new console but unlike Microsoft, Sony wasn’t expected to announce anything major. But it did.


Sony announced it will be carrying some big titles to come in the next year such as “God of War: Ascension,” “Playstation All-Stars Battle” and a new game from the developers of “Heavy Rain,” “Beyond: Two Souls.” “Playstation All-Stars Battle” is a lot like Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros.” but with characters familiar to Playstation games, while “Beyond: Two Souls” is something much more fresh and exciting.


“Beyond: Two Souls” is similar to its predecessor, “Heavy Rain,” with its grim graphics and game play mixed with gritty dramatics and crime solving but is something different in its approach to making it more accessible to gamers by beefing up the action and adding actor Ellen Paige as the voice of the lead protagonist. David Cage, designer from Quantic Dream, the company making “Beyond,” spoke with Dan Ackerman of


“For the first time ever, players will live the life of a video game character over the course of 15 years," Cage said. "They will experience her life and help her to become who she is.”


And finally, speaking on the second day was Nintendo. The famous game makers from Japan gave the world classic games such as “Legend of Zelda,” “Super Mario,” and “Star Fox” along with innovative consoles like the Nintendo Entertainments System, the Nintendo 64 and the Wii.


The big news surrounding Nintendo this year was the eager anticipation to see more regarding the revolutionary console coming at the end of this year to follow up the motion controlled Wii, the Wii U.


This new console uses a tablet-like controller, buttons and rolling joysticks on the sides but with a screen in between. This screen opens up countless possibilities to new gaming experiences as the player can switch what is on the TV to their controller, vice versa, and use the controller as a second screen to hold windows open on the controller different from the TV.


Nintendo was proud to announce the new games that it and third party developers developed for the new system. Nintendo, much to disappointment of fans, did not show any footage of a new “Legend of Zelda” game as it did last year, but made up for it with full demos of a new “Super Mario” and a new multiplayer, social oriented game called Nintendoland, where players with Wii remotes and one to two with the new Wii U controllers can play mini-games against each other.


Ubisoft was a big name, as well, with Nintendo this year for their games that they are excited to bring to the new console like “Assassins Creed III,” “Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition,” which will have exclusive content for the Wii U, and ZombiU. Batman and ZombiU intrigued fans the most for their use of the tablet controller as a screen to hold extra windows and be scanned across the TV screen to pull up sonar to show hidden enemies.Guillaume Brunier, producer at Ubisoft, said in a press release , “ZombiU takes advantage of the Wii U’s one of a kind capabilities and will be a launch title that every gamer will want to sink their teeth into.”


In the end, it’s not clear which of these major companies actually “wins” E3, but it’s safe to say with all this new exciting content coming to gamers’ homes in the next few years, we all win.

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