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Apple’s iPad 2 v. Samsung’s Galaxy tab

Understanding Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tab

Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

This blog will be updated every Thursday to bring readers a new piece on a hot-button issue spanning from things to buy, things not to buy and, things not to buy yet to computer culture, game reviews and previews.

The latest, cool electronic to go throw money on is the widely popular tablet. Tablets were brought into the picture — thanks to Apple — with the first release of the iPad in April 2010.

Taking a step back to when the iPad was first released, the world and Apple's cult followers all jumped on the bandwagon blindly just to get their hands on the new toy.

What most people found out, including myself when I got my hands on one, is that Apple's tablet wasn't practical at all. The tablet was nothing more than a laptop without the keyboard, and less effective.

There are two sides to every story. Even if I'm not a fan of the first generation iPad, there is still an audience and somewhat of a use for it. Engadet is good for a neutral review.

In reality, the first iPad was just a glorified toy with un-ergonomic typing schemes, a screen that might have been too big and that had no glare resistance and a horrible battery life that not even a partially eaten apple on the back of the tablet could make gold.

This should not come as a surprise because the "Geniuses" of Apple know they can release an unfinished demo of a product, make a whole lot of money and then release the completed product labeled "two" with the features and functionality it should have had in the first place.

The good thing about this is that while Apple is paying attention to what needs to be improved, so is every other electronic company in the world. Using Apple's unfinished "tech demo" to improve on, there are new creations that could compete with the inevitable iPad 2 release (which is vastly superior to the first iPad) and hopefully surpass it.

Flash forward to the present and that's exactly what we have — a second iPad that is useful, plus a handful of other tablets that are just as good, and in some cases better.

I could go on and on about the tablets that are garbage but it's just much easier to tell you that there are only two tablets you should consider buying because any other will be a waste of money.

We have the iPad 2 with the almighty Apple and the Samsung Galaxy tab operating with the Droid network.

So the iPad 2 is a mother of a beast with enough features to make anyone happy (well, anyone who runs their house on Apple products can be happy).

With face time, airplay and Apple TV you can stream between devices in an instant, which is amazing. But the major drawback is that these features only work with other Apple-made products.

This basically turns the iPad 2 into a Lego set where you constantly have to keep buying the latest expansions to keep up. Oh, and hopefully your friends build with Legos too because these Lego sets won't interact well with other products.

Fear not, Apple followers, it's still great due to its improved battery life, multi-purpose cover that solves the typing problem and a simpler, better navigation screen.

We are all about visuals in today's world, so this is for the people who want to hear that the iPad 2 will change their lives forever. This review is for the ones who want the truth and don't already belong to the forbidden fruit. Either way you will end up with a solid product that still has that new toy smell.

The other option is the Galaxy tab, which you can hold in your hand, and fit in your pocket. This to me is a big plus over iPad because no one really wants to lug around a big tablet when you're on the go.

The biggest (ironically) specification that makes the Galaxy tab so great is that it is small, portable and user-friendly. We are not all tech-savvy. It may not have all the features or power of an iPad, but think about your phone. When is the last time you used every application you downloaded?

The Galaxy is short, sweet, simple and to the point. I'm sure you realized I recommend the Samsung Galaxy tabs, but here are reviews by Engadget and Cnet so you can see the similarities and advantages first hand.

To directly express my preference, my pick is the Galaxy Tab. Order one now here.

O'Dell Harmon is a senior Ag. Communication & Journalism major, but don't let the Agriculture in his major name fool you as he is an avid gamer who knows the ins and outs of all things electronic.

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