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3D fad back from the 80s

College student review of 3D movies, TVs, HTC EVO 3D and Nintendo 3DS

Published: Thursday, September 15, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 19:07


It's time to talk about a technological advancement that is an old fad from the 80s.  A fad that's  back and with so much force you don't even notice it anymore — the 3D effect.

3D is no new concept, but it has greatly evolved. Some companies have achieved new ground in 3D effect, while others take your debt into the third dimension.

We have 3D movies, the HTC EVO 3D, 3D TVs and the Nintendo 3DS.

First off, the 3D movie:Everybody has experienced a 3D movie. If you have not seen a movie in 3D, I have no idea where you have been. I would recommend you start by seeing The Lion King in 3D(as it's only going to be in theaters for two weeks), so come throw money at Disney along with me, since you have been "MIA" (missing in action) for the last 10 years. Disney is in fact in 3D, and not the red & blue kind either — sometimes things actually come at you. It doesn't justify a 15-dollar price difference. The 3D effect works for the most part, so it's not too much of a cheap gimmick. But you must ask yourself, "why isn't the movie in my lap yet?" Also question, "why is it that technology has barely advanced?" I am tired of 2.5D because we pay for 3D. The 3D in movies can only be fully experienced when the movie is catered to the effect, and not thought of in second nature.  

The following three technologies, however, have made big claims. Only one gets close to meeting its promise.

HTC EVO 3D:The newest addition to the 3D family is getting your phone in 3D. There is only one now, but I'm sure the iPhone 5 or 6 will have this feature. I personally have a HTC EVO and I will not go buy the same phone in 3D (but you better believe I went to the store to go play with one). I was amazed for two minutes…and then I realized the 3D effect drains the battery to no end and that…huh…is not right. The buttons on a phone look weird in 3D and they served no real purpose other than shooting mini 3D movies, which also look weird. If you shake it and move stuff back and forth, you can create some fun effects, I must admit. I am normally a person who would bash a phone like this, but the EVO 3D did better than I thought. However, don't go wasting money just yet. Wait to see where this 3D phone trend will go.

3D TVs:First and foremost, I need to get this out of the way — do not go buy one! Really! Unless you're rich and balling out of control, I recommend saving your money. This is not a matter of hate, but more so about functionality. 3D TVs cost you thousands, provide two 3D viewing glasses and charge you hundreds for more. Realize 90% of the programming you will watch was not designed to be viewed in 3D. You are left watching certain 3D channels, movies and games that you can actually view in 3D. Additionally, most of the 3D glasses give a very dark tint to everything you watch. Certainly there is rich Mr. John Doe who bought a 5,000 dollar 3D TV who might not have had this problem, or at least not majorly bad, but we are the common man (at least I am). So where are my blog haters and trolls who got a 3D TV?! I want to hear why I'm wrong. Yeah, yeah — innovators are making it where consumers don't need the glasses, but a little device beat everyone to the punch.

Nintendo 3DS:Best for last. So far it is the best example of what 3D can do. Yes — 3D without glasses really does work and it's amazing! You do, however, have to find that specific angle and when you do you're golden. The fact is that viewing 3D images without the glasses was enough to hook me, but when I finally bought the gaming device, the 3D wasn't what I expected. It goes two ways. One, you have your "traditional come at you" which works fine but, two, it excels with the "inward 3D." Game components fly at you and the device literally adds depth; the device is something you must hold and move around with, so playing the Nintendo 3DS in a store won't help you fully understand it. At the new affordable price of $169.99, I recommended it. Aside from 3D movies, the Nintendo 3DS is the cheapest — and in my opinion — the best 3D experience of the aforementioned products.

3D in a nut shell: movies — enjoy if you're into that; phones — if you have the spare money, go for it; TVs — go for it only if your rich; and the Nintendo 3DS — if you're a gamer or someone who wants a handheld, get it.

O'Dell Harmon is a senior ag communication & journalism major, but don't let the agriculture in his major name fool you as he is an avid gamer who knows the ins and outs of all things electronic.

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