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2006 awards

Published: Friday, May 21, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 22:07

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association awards

Rick Rojas received second place for "Gates recalls Aggie Spirit" 

Christina Ashie received honorable mention for her critical review "Writer populates foriegn city"

Tim Aylsworth received third place for his Nov. 6, 2006, opinion/editorial design
Judges comments: Most imaginative package in the group. "Brokebike Mountain" headline is a winner in itself, coupled with a well-executed illustration. Where this page struggles is in the format for its letters, a welcome component missing in most entries. Headlines were too small and too wordy. Pick a lead letter and give it a big headline, then keep the existing headline point size for other letters. Shorten the heads to 3-5 words. The cartoon is clever, though borderline offensive.

Rick Rojas received first place for his news story covering student tuition "On the rise"

Judges comments: Tuition is a big story to students. A lot of work on Rojas' part.

Jack Moore received honorable mention for his sports column "Loss is blessing in disguise"

Ivan Flores received honorable mention for his illustration "Texas-size terror"

Chris Griffin & Adan Pena received first plac for the information graphic for "On the rise"

Ivan Flores & Adan Pena received honorable mention for the information graphic for "Seat check"

Judges comments: Winning entry was simple, yet eye-catching and informative. Reader could grasp the information quickly, easily and understand the message. Overall, well presented entries. Some were more detailed than others, perhaps too much detail that tends to bog the reader down in their quest for quick information.

Chris Griffin received first place for the editorial cartoon "Griff's Riff's: S_ _ DD _ M"

Judges comments: The winning entry is so simple, yet so effective. Taking a child game and applying to an international level is very creative and very effective.

Ryan Mulligan received second place for his sports features story  "12th Man off campus"

Eric Pedersen received honorable mention for his sports page design of "Are we rivals?"

Judges comments: Another great section. It's very easy to read and is well organized. Very informative.

Spencer Selvidge & Wade Baker received third place for the photo illustration "Water world"

Judges comments: Great idea that would have placed higher with better execution and composition. Overall this was one of the strongest categories we have judged in a long time. As working professionals, it is good to see students getting creative.

Mindy Riffle (Paris Junior College) received third place for a News Feature Story written for the Paris Junior College student paper.

The Battalion staff of 2005-2006 received honorable mention for overall excellence.

Daniel Bates received first place in On-Site Sports Action Photography.

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