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Published: Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 20:07

If you've ever been caught singing the wrong lyrics to your favorite song, is the Web site to visit before planning any karaoke sessions.

This Web site has a plethora of lyrics to review as well as their misheard counterparts. Its artist database is wide and varied, from Madonna and the Beatles to Cocteau Twins and Deee-Lite (the "groove is in the heart," not the "groovers in the hall").

Other misheard lyrics include "and I'm a a a Cheerio Girl," from Madonna's "Material Girl," and "Until the sun comes up on the ceremony cup of the fun," from Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do." All she really wants to do is some fun "until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard." Prince isn't "Livin' in Quebec," but he does have a "Little Red Corvette."

And the fun doesn't stop there. The Web site lets surfers submit their homemade parodies and vote on their favorites. These cover songs from the 60s through today's popular songs. One parody of Creed's "Arms Wide Open" is titled, "The Bar's Not Open."

There is also a list of the dumbest band names, the origin of band names and a link to lyrics that are inappropriate ("I don't think you're ready for this jelly" from Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious"), repetitive (Eiffel 65's "Da ba dee, da ba dai" on "Blue") or simply misrhymed, unless sung by Cheech or Chong ("I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch, I'd take her if I had one wish" on LFO's "Summer Girls").

This is the lyric lover's online lair for fun. The Web site is addicting and the laughs really never end.

-Lizette Resendez

Can't get enough of "Judge Judy" and "People's Court?" Or maybe your roommate vomited all over your new John Deere sheets after a night at Northgate? Well now you can get them all back over the Internet free of charge.

At, users can file pretend lawsuits against lovers, ex's, friends, roommates and family members.

Or, if you're happy with everyone in your life and need a touch of drama, you can enter the courtroom and act as a juror on cases like, "He pimped me out to his neighbor' vs. 'She did it herself.'"

After registering for free, you can create your alter ego by choosing from several shades of hair, types of clothes and faces. You can plead your case, and once your case is closed, you can visit the Bailiff's Boutique where you can actually buy gifts or anti-gifts.

For example, for a case against a lover, you can choose between the "Makeup Sex Assorted Condoms" gift set or a breast-enlarger soap. For those who don't have money to spend, they can send "e-pology" cards that say, "Apologies are nice, but liquor is quicker. I'm buying," or "I'm not half as sorry as you look."

The lawsuits are for fun and entertainment purposes only and you probably won't get a brand new set of John Deere sheets, but it sure beats visiting Judge Judy.

-Lizette Resendez

Although there are many Web sites on the Internet that have music-related posters, is a site that has much more to offer. The site's home page claims that it has the world's largest selection of music posters and after surfing the site's large selection, it's clear they have the goods to back up their claims. With a wide selection of posters, calendars, patches, shirts and pins, the site gives many choices to those who like decorating in a musically inclined way. Besides the conventional group photo posters of musicians, this Web site carries posters that are made up of album sleeves and singles covers, and also has hard-to-find gig posters of many alternative bands.

Although it is an England-based site, it has a large selection of posters from many American mainstream artists like Britney Spears, Creed and Eminem. While they carry most of the generic posters of these artists that you can find at most other stores, they also carry posters that depict the advertisements for singles and albums. The end result of these posters is very cool looking wall decor.

This site is a special treat to those who are big fans of European rock music, because it has a wide variety of merchandise from groups that would be otherwise hard to find in the United States. It has a vast selection of images from bands such as Kula Shaker, the Charlatans, and Manic Street Preachers. The site is inclined toward rock, and has a lot of merchandise from American artists such as New Found Glory and Tool. Many alternative, metal and punk rock bands have a place on this Web site.

Another awesome aspect of this site is the wide variety of classic rock posters it carries. There is a selection from artists all the way back to Elvis' early days.

All of the cool things about this site are made even cooler because of the prices. The average 27" by 31" poster is priced at only $5.49 and 37" by 25" posters are $6.49.

Searches for merchandise from some great musicians such as the Sex Pistols and Led Zepplin came up empty though.

It was disappointing to find that this site overlooked a few really good artists like them, but overall, the site has much to offer.

-Nishat Fatima

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