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Candy DJ leads double life

Matt Niblett's a full-time student, a well-known radio voice

city desk assistant

Published: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 20:07


Nicholas Badeger

Matt Niblett is seen above hosting his radio show. Niblett's show can be listened to from 6 to 10 p.m. on weeknights.

Everything about Candy 95.1 radio station looks like any other office on any other day … until the commercial break ­- the silence is broken with a loud "Hey, this is Niblett on Candy 95."

Wanting to be known simply as Niblett, the senior university studies major said he takes on two personas: the loud and crazy guy on the radio, and the guy silently sitting in the corner taking notes.

"Yeah it's funny, if one day on the show I mention some homework or a test in a certain class, the next day I will come to class and see some girls whispering 'Hey is that him? Niblett is somewhere in this class.' It's really weird to see," Niblett said.

The radio host has been in the industry since he was 17. He said he was in an internship class in high school, so he started calling around different stations and finally landed an internship and later a job as a "promo guy." From a promo guy in his hometown of Dallas he eventually landed his own show at Candy 95 and from there decided he "might as well go to school here."

And to school he did go; Niblett is on the dean's list and marked as a distinguished student.

During the show, Niblett covered everything from his love of "hot chicks" to the struggles of balancing hosting the show with the common struggles students face with time management.

"Most professors don't want to help you out with scheduling conflicts," Niblett said.

Chase Jennings, a sophomore environmental studies major, said he listens to Candy 95 during the TIME show.

"Well, [Niblett] really knows how to relate to college students," Jennings said.

"He's always saying something humorous that any college student could appreciate."

Niblett said that he is very happy with his role at the station and feels he is a good fit.

"I really enjoy my job because I can come in and make people smile by acting crazy or telling a cheesy joke," Niblett said. "Most DJs want their show in the morning or the afternoon, but I like having mine in the evenings because I think is appeals more to this demographic."

After graduation, the DJ plans to pursue a career in public relations or marketing. He said he dreams of moving to New York, but for now he is happy having his show here and listening to his favorite type of music.

"Music that is very bubble gum and really has no substance," Niblett said.

"I am hoping that I am reaching a lot of people, otherwise I am just a guy in a room looking at my reflection, but it is a good looking reflection."

Fellow DJ Patrick Zeinert also takes on two personas; one at Candy 95 as P-Money and the other on Rock Candy 95 as Zakk Patricks.

The senior agricultural journalism major was two days away from moving to Austin when he finally got a call from Candy offering him a job, he said.

Zeinert has taken nine years to reach his goal of a bachelor's degree while he has been pursuing other areas of his résumé.

"I am a sole proprietor of my own business in photography," Zeinert said. "I call it custom photography. I am a photographer for hire. I also run in-game audio for men's basketball and volleyball."

Zeinert said he has received his Aggie Ring and plans on graduating in May and continuing to work in the Bryan area.

Niblett and Zeinert often joke with each other.

"Basically I created him," Niblett said, "and I will throw [him] under a bus whenever I need to."

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